A “Soul Ball” Story: Mortality & Me.

Post from Juggler Life Coaching archives.

Juggler Coaching Session Notes


Client:  Jason, a wealthy 50 year-old.  

After discussing The Path of The Just, a little after page 1, Jason took a breath, exclaiming, “This feels so good, so right. Wow. Why do I feel hungry for Torah learning?”

The listener replied, “Well, why do you think?”

Jason nodded thoughtfully, “Maybe immortality is actually real; your light, your soul, is more of a reality than I imagined.”

The response: “A soul has no use of a good steak, or even a $100Million dollars.  Maybe your soul is hungry for something else. Soul food. Soul food is: learning Torah, doing mitzvos and refining your character.”

Jason:  “That completely makes sense.”

Question: “If you had $1B and you grew it to $2B, what would your percentage of the happiness increase be?”

Jason’s answer: “Less than 1%”

He was asked why?

Jason counters, “It just doesn’t do it. I see that now. I feel that now. It’s astonishing to be so empowered to know the strength of our soul.”

He reflected, I really believe that the answer to us all, then, is to start to search the Soul…


Post from Juggler Life Coaching archives.


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