Group Teaching Sessions

Here’s the plan:

The Juggler identifies 5 “key areas of life” that helps you allocate your most precious asset — time. 

We call these five key life areas the “5 Balls.

If a person is not giving enough time to one or more of these 5 areas, they’ll likely feel  off kilter. Take a look at the 5 Balls:

  1. Body
  2. Soul
  3. Family/Friends
  4. Career
  5. Community

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Conference/Shabbaton/Maleva Malka
$0 to $750-1,300+ per day or weekend session (includes materials and workbooks for each attendee)

Teaching the MyJuggler concepts to a group:
Group sessions (3 – 20 people / shul, school, small group)
$360 per 45-minute class

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