Our mission: 
Life Balance.

Balance is the key. The key to joy, success, and a life well-lived. Without balance, people begin to experience anxiety, stress and depression. The Juggler plan turns these negative feelings around.

In our society today we rarely see role models living joyful, well-balanced lives. 

You can get too busy to stop and think about the bigger picture. What life-plan actually works? Is it just a matter of seeking more: more money, more coaching, more sexual partners, different doctors, another quick-fix diet? No, those don’t work. It’s not about ‘more.’ 

Life repair is necessary. And it starts with having a blueprint, a real plan. Our mission is to provide you with that plan. 

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What is “Juggler”?

Juggler is a simple, practical plan of how to create a balanced, joyful life. It’s a plan that you can start at any moment by yourself. It works fast. And it works well. Juggler is based on two classic Jewish texts, Ethics of the Fathers from the Talmud and the Mishneh Torah by Rabbi Moshe Ben Miamon.

It’s not a new fad: it’s ancient wisdom — over 3,300 years old.

It’s fast. | It’s easy. | It’s intuitive.

The Juggler method is so straightforward that you can learn, understand and put it into action within a few minutes. It’s not meant as a one-time-use concept, though: it gets perfected with each moment of practice. 

Why do I need it?

Because we all want to grow, but we get stuck, especially during challenging times. A renowned Jewish sage, Rabbi Noah Weinberg, once said, “Growing every day, that’s living!”

The question is how to grow. This is where the Juggler concept differs. It provides you with the areas that require ‘growing’ — and helps you learn how to grow in them. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say you work out at the gym 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. We won’t argue that it feels good and that your health is important. But is a ‘ripped’ body or cardio performance metrics really what your whole life is all about? We hope not. It’s just a part of your life.

People who live a truly successful life live a balanced life. 




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About the founder

Marc (“Moshe”) Firestone was born in Los Angeles and attended business school at USC and at California State University, Northridge. 

Moshe began his career as a CPA and wealth manager for celebrity clients, helping people protect and direct their finances with kindness and ‘values-driven’ advice. 

Living in the age of ‘information overload,’ Mr. Firestone enjoyed simplifying complex issues so his clients could understand crucial life areas and so make better business decisions.

With that same drive to help others turn their lives around, Moshe committed to teaching practical Jewish wisdom to people of all ages. He expanded globally, creating the “Juggler” plan and website myjuggler.com to help humans optimize their brief time on this planet. 

His sessions about love, dating and marriage have earned him a loyal following for his advice on juggling priorities to achieve Life Balance. Moshe was trained by one of the great Torah scholars, Rabbi Noah Weinberg, zt’l. Moshe also teaches a well-known class for men called “Date Your Wife for Life,” which helps husbands grow into happier people, better fathers and knowledgeable Jewish leaders. 

Moshe developed the ingenious “Get Smart Cards,” which distill Jewish wisdom into understandable and practical tools for life. He’s appeared on CNN as well as KABC and KFI talk radio, and hosts podcasts, webinars and live event sessions.

Moshe’s wife, five children and growing cadre of amazing grandchildren keeps him well-focused on life’s true priorities. 

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