• Body

     According to the great philosopher and physician, Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (Maimonides), to be physically healthy is “among the ways of God. Because one cannot understand or have any knowledge of the Creator if he is ill. Therefore, he must …

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  • Soul

    A person is composed of both body and soul. The body is finite, but the soul is eternal. Judaism teaches that your soul will live on after you die.  The soul was ‘breathed’ into us by God. It’s a spark of God’s …

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  • Family & Friends

    One of the greatest sources of joy is the love we give and the love we get. Our relationships with family and friends will either rise or fall depending on the time and quality of the attention we invest.  For example, …

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  • Career

    The danger we face in ‘Career Ball’ is becoming a workaholic. Particularly in a world that defines you by your career.  When people first meet you they’ll often ask, “So, what do you do?”  (What do I do?!  Many things…I’m a …

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  • Community

    Imagine you’ve gotten to where you feel your life is well-balanced… Your body feels great, you’re taking good care of your soul by learning Torah and engaging in regular prayer/meditation. You’ve got your love-life moving forward towards commitment, or you’re …

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  • Happiness Comes from Making Others Feel Good

    KEY POINTS Attempts to make others happy increase happiness more so than trying to make oneself happy, new research suggests. The findings may seem counterintuitive, but they confirm previous research that shows that people derive happiness from helping others. Feelings …

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  • Dangerous Assumptions

    Most hatred stems from our assumption of guilt regarding people’s thoughts and motivation. Benjamin Scheibehenne from the University of Basel and his colleagues, Jutta Mata from Stanford University & Peter Todd from Indiana University, suggest that even though people will …

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  • Forget what you think happiness is

    As the COVID-19 pandemic forced many to reconsider what makes them happy, researchers began embracing a more complex definition of the emotion that focuses less on uninterrupted bliss… Laurie Santos is the professor behind ‘Psychology and the Good Life,’ the …

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  • How to Spark Powerful Chemistry Through Simple Conversation

    Practicing the art and science of bonding through talking Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked?  Most of us have.  Thinking back, what created the spark?  Most likely it was a combination of topic, tone, and tenor, but it no doubt happened …

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  • Three Pillars of Permanent Happiness

    New research in psychology sheds light on the factors that shape our happiness. We spend a large portion of our lives searching for things that make us happy. What works? That depends, but psychologists and  happiness  researchers have identified a few …

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  • Laurie Santos, Yale Happiness Professor, on 5 Things That Will Make You Happier

    As a professor of psychology at Yale and host of The Happiness Lab podcast, I’ve spent the last few years teaching simple science-backed tips to improve our well-being. I know the research inside out—but the giant dumpster fire of a …

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  • Traits Found in Psychologically “Healthy” Individuals

    Researchers identify the personality markers found in well-adjusted individuals.   There are hundreds, if not thousands, of traits psychologists use to describe someone’s  personality . A person can be gentle, nervous, modest or  conscientious . Someone can be demanding, independent, vain or …

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