Imagine you’ve gotten to where you feel your life is well-balanced…

Your body feels great, you’re taking good care of your soul by learning Torah and engaging in regular prayer/meditation.

You’ve got your love-life moving forward towards commitment, or you’re working on your existing marriage.

Your career is trending upward.

Seems like you’ve “got it covered.”

Well…not quite. 

You still might feel like something is missing.

The Talmud asks: “If I’m only for myself, what am I?

It’s giving us a strong hint on how to boost joy. 



We need to extend kindness to those outside our circle of friends and family.

Your life will not feel quite right unless you’re helping others.

This can take the form of volunteering at a food bank to pack or to deliver groceries; visiting people in a nursing home; contacting someone who’s stuck homebound or feels isolated; calling a friend who’s going through tough times. 

Devise ways to give. Find your ‘sweet spot’ based on your background, abilities, financial situation and social reach. 

Fill yourself with good.

Consider having you and your family invite Shabbos guests over, especially single people who might otherwise be alone, or Jews who have not yet experienced Shabbat.

When choosing a Chesed (kindness), pick an avenue that resonates with your personality and utilizes your talents.


How to start?

Ask yourself:
What need in my immediate world, or the ‘bigger world,’ tugs at my heart?


Ask yourself:
How could I apply my skills to help in that area?


Think about:
Which of my friends may have some involvement in that area? Contact each friend to ask about a next step.


Now you’re ready… 

Start to Juggle

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