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5-5-5 steps to start Juggling 

Small steps work best. Start now — RIGHT AWAY. Commit to give 5 minutes to one of the 5 balls for the next 5 days

1.) Print out the MyJuggler Starter Card (see below).

2.) Set aside 5 minutes a day. Calendar a daily reminder in your phone or planner. 

3.) With the card in front of you, pick one of the 5 ‘ball’ areas to focus on now. Write down one tiny goal. 

4.)  Put it in an obvious place (e.g., desk, bed, refrigerator, bathroom).

5.) Review your one tiny goal in that ONE area and act on it today. Consider that one goal each day for the next 5 days. Until it has been integrated into your life, do not add a new goal. Your card at first can have the 4 other areas left blank for now — and that’s OK.

The Juggler Card - Front
The Juggler Card - Back

Now, how to keep moving forward…

Once that one ‘ball’ area’s tiny goal has become part of your life, it’s time to choose another tiny goal in another one of the five areas. Repeat steps 1 through 5 above for the upcoming week for that new tiny goal.


The real end-goal:

After using the Juggler plan for a bit, you will likely, finally, feel more joy and in better balance.

You’ll have time to ask yourself THE Most Important Question: “What am I living for?” 

(Answer/Hint: See the ‘Soul Ball.’) 

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