• What Drives You?

    Maybe it’s time to step back and change what is really running your life. KEY POINTS Some drivers in our lives are destructive or keep us from reaching our potential. We can think of common drivers likes steps on a …

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  • Three Pillars of Permanent Happiness

    New research in psychology sheds light on the factors that shape our happiness. We spend a large portion of our lives searching for things that make us happy. What works? That depends, but psychologists and  happiness  researchers have identified a few …

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  • Laurie Santos, Yale Happiness Professor, on 5 Things That Will Make You Happier

    As a professor of psychology at Yale and host of The Happiness Lab podcast, I’ve spent the last few years teaching simple science-backed tips to improve our well-being. I know the research inside out—but the giant dumpster fire of a …

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  • Traits Found in Psychologically “Healthy” Individuals

    Researchers identify the personality markers found in well-adjusted individuals.   There are hundreds, if not thousands, of traits psychologists use to describe someone’s  personality . A person can be gentle, nervous, modest or  conscientious . Someone can be demanding, independent, vain or …

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  • How to Stop Worrying in Five Steps

    Worries are completely normal. It’s actually beneficial to worry about things sometimes. It helps us identify potential problems. But worry can become problematic when it’s persistent. Excessive worrying can hurt your well-being and lead to a state of chronic anxiety or stress. It can also stress your relationships, harm your self-confidence, …

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